Programs / Activities

Chancellor’s Student Advisory Council (CSAC)

The Chancellor’s Student Advisory Board was established in 1982 to provide students with representation at the highest levels within the A&M System. The board has 22 members and addresses a variety of student-related issues.

The Council enhances student leadership development and educational opportunities by funding some of the board’s activities. These include monthly teleconferences or face-to-face meetings at A&M System institutions, an annual report to the Board of Regents, and trips to Austin each legislative session to meet with government representatives and view government in action.

Chancellor’s Summit on Teacher Education

The Chancellor’s Summit on Teacher Education provides a forum for ways to improve teacher education by sharing best practices to support student success. This year’s conference was held in Austin on September 29th. The theme was “Diversity, Learning & Student Success”. The goal was to discover ways the teacher preparation faculty could best combine initiatives that could increase access and completion with initiatives that seek to empower all students with the knowledge and skills they need for success in the global society.

Chancellor’s Academy of Teacher Educators (CATE)

This initiative honors full-time faculty members who have significant impact on the preparation of teachers in the field of education. Twenty recipients have been inducted into the Academy since its inception in 2011. Induction of recipients occurs each year during the council’s annual meeting. The award consists of a commemorative medallion bearing the A&M System seal, a $1,000 stipend, and a certificate. Subsequent to their selection, Academy members serve on future selection committees and are invited to speak at the Chancellor’s Summit on Teacher Education.

The Council Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is a unique opportunity for Council members to witness first-hand the contributions each System member is making to our state. Members tour the campuses, view current research initiatives, and visit with administrators, faculty and students.

Committee on Academic and Student Affairs (CASA)

CASA was provided initial funding of $50,000 on March 17, 2014. The effort supports education research and projects associated with the Board of Regents Committee on Academic and Students Affairs. Funds will be used for research conducted by faculty at A&M System universities in conjunction with the P-20 Education Research Initiative and support current and future teachers through web support.

Community Development

The council and the A&M System participate in community-wide events and fund-raising activities to enhance relationships with our institutions’ home communities.

Institutional Development

The council provides monetary support to A&M System institutions through presidents’ initiatives and a variety of campus programs promoting student leadership.

Information-Appreciation Events

The Council provides monetary support for Information-Appreciation luncheons, dinners or receptions for legislators who have been beneficial to the A&M System.

Suit Bank Initiative

In 2015, Chancellor John Sharp, through his Chancellor’s Century Council members, donated $70,000 to help job applicants with their wardrobes. Programs, both new and existing, have served over 750 students and nearly 3,000 items of clothing have been checked out.

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